STRINGFIGURES 02: In the Mood for Mud

Három Holló, Budapest, 25 March 2018

Concept and performance: Arkajolie & Emese Kovacs. Third eye/dramaturgy: Remi Marie

STRINGFIGURES is an iterative performance by Arkajolie and Emese Kovacs started in 2018. It brings together Donna Haraway’s concept of “stringfigures” and Heinrich von Kleist’s theory of “pure movement”, a performance artist and a contemporary dancer. STRINGFIGURES no. 2: In the Mood for Mud imposes a strict spatial and temporal framework – a boxing ring/match – in which a series of short actions is deployed, making reference to, among others, musical automatons, boxing, children’s games and the art of baroque chant and dance, with constantly shifting relations of power between the two performers.



STRINGFIGURES 01: Les marionettes malhonnêtes

Arkajolie & Emese Kovacs – concept/performance
Kék Ló, Budapest, 27 February 2018